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Kadri was suspended for an illegal check to the head of St. Louis Blues player Justin Faulk that occurred in the third period of Wednesday night's 6-3 playoff win by the Avalanche.
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Nassau Coliseum was rocking. The game was a bit bonkers. And yes, it's not a typo; that goal total actually happened in a New York Islanders game. Evgeni Malkin rejoined Pittsburgh's lineup after missing the first two playoff games (he also missed 23 regular-season games with injury). But the real star for Pittsburgh in this game was Jeff Carter, who scored two goals. "It was a bit of a roller coaster tonight," Carter said. "All hell kind of broke loose there, but we stuck with it. You give one up, you get right back on the horse and keep working." Full recap


Last year, Schelling became the first female GM in top level men's professional hockey. She was just 31 at the time of the appointment. In announcing the hiring, Bern CEO Marc Luthi noted that Schelling got the job because "she's young, [will] bring new perspective and break up existing structures."Toronto Maple Leafs Face Towel


"Don't get me wrong. We're not angels out there. I'm not sitting there and saying that. Far from it. But when there's a standard set and we're being told things are going to called, and when it doesn't get [called], there's just confusion."

When you’re firing away at that many chances, and you’re as talented as Matthews, you’ll probably break through at some point. For Matthews, Canadiens – Maple Leafs Game 2 represented that point — starting in the second period.New York Islanders Face Towel

A new coaching staff is needed. A big decision must be made about Laine, a pending restricted free agent coming off the worst season of his career. Another big decision awaits between goalies Joonas Korpisalo and Elvis Merzlikins, who both will be unrestricted free agents after next season, and the Jackets need to forge a plan for their three first-round picks in the draft this summer — the highest of which could potentially be No. 1 overall.Ottawa Senators Face Towel

This marks the third time in four seasons that Kadri has been suspended for an infraction during the first round of the playoffs.Montreal Canadiens Face Towel