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Washington Wizards, Custom Twin NBA Bed Sets, newbeddingset.com

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Before the Warriors open the final road swing of the 2020-21 season with a stop in Minnesota, here is everything you need to know about Thursday’s contest.


"Every night, it was great that we (he and Rose) would talk and we would try to figure out -- or he would figure out -- what he had to do to win that game. I kinda learned that, being in Chicago, in particular, I learned it from Michael (Jordan), because he would always challenge me, 'I gotta find a reason to be my best.'  I mean, I was like, 'What you mean I gotta, it's 82 games.' He was like, 'You gotta find it.' And he just kind of said it and walked away.Washington Wizards

With the Wizards up by two in the game’s most crucial moments, they did the one thing they couldn’t against a red-hot Dallas Mavericks offense: They made a mistake. 


His final shot was a three-pointer for the go-ahead basket, a shot that hit the back of the rim with 2.7 seconds left, a shot that left James retreating while looking up at the Staples Center scoreboard that showed his team down by one point.San Antonio Spurs

The seemingly meaningless matchup between the Orlando Magic and host Detroit Pistons on Monday could have major long-term implications.

"We love the idea of rivalries kind of being created," Brendan Donohue, NBA 2K League president, told USA TODAY Sports.Detroit Pistons

Despite no longer playing together, that hasn’t stopped that friendship from only getting stronger either.Atlanta Hawks

Custom Twin NBA Bed Sets