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henrylightings.com, Custom Cartoon Zippered Beach Bag, Drawstring zipper Backpack

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Finally, the back cover is designed for local Kalvinator dealers to print their contact information directly on the brochure. The illustration of Donald raising his cap next to the “At Your Service” text creates a visual link between the popular character, the Kelvinator brand, and the dealer, reinforcing a level of trust and likeability. That is the point of this type of advertising—to sell a product by instilling confidence so that consumers believe they are making a good choice. In this case, by co-branding well-known Disney characters with the Kelvinator brand and a specific dealer in their network to achieve that self-assurance.(9)

Custom Cartoon Zippered Beach Bag

Here’s a rare clip of Casey performing as “Shaggy” on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy telethon in, I believe, 1987.

This album contains none of the four songs heard in the film, 101 Dalmatians (including “Playful Melody,” which has lyrics but is only heard in the movie as an instrumental), but instead begins side one with a tune by the Sherman brothers undoubtedly written with the film in mind but unused except on records.

The Flip the Frog cartoons have more versions of them than *any* other series I’ve ever seen. MGM made cuts, Pat Powers made different cuts, Exclusive, Commonwealth, Tele-prompter and Blackhawk all seem to have made some cuts as well, and we’re not even talking about what was cut from versions going out of the US. MGM’s master positives are the best source for the most complete versions of the films- if only they existed on everything.


After the Ball (11/8/29) – No real plot. Gags about the writinng of the song, with a dog that looks a great deal like Fitz. “Auld Lang Syne” also makes an appearance in the score, as the film centers somewhat around nostalgia. The title tune goes back to 1892. A recording exists from shortly therefter by George J. Gaskin (boy tenor) – company is unknown as an announcement does not appear on accessible copies of the recording. In 1925 it was recorded electrically by the International Novelty Orchestra, with vocal by Henry Burr, for Victor. Ian Whitcomb would revive it on LP among other nostalgic fare in the 1970’s. The song is often thought of as Tin Pan Alley’s first hit – the first tune to sell over a million copies on sheet music. Here’s the composer himself, Charles K. Harris, singing the song in 1930:

The Diet (King Features/Format Films, Beetle Bailey, 5/17/64 – Geoff Pike, dir.) – At Camp Swampy, the bugler’s mess call brings an instant response from the troops – a stampede that mows the bugler down. Though Beetle and the other privates proceed with haste, a brown blur denotes Sergeant Snorkel and his dog Otto, passing the others like a streaking comet to be first in Cookie’s serving line. The cook reflexively fills both Snorkel’s and Otto’s trays to the rim in the twinkling of an eye, accompanied by his apology that he can’t fit anything more on their plates. (He makes up for this by slipping an extra donut on the Sergeant’s pinky-finger.) Before the rest of the troops are even served, Sarge and Otto have tossed all of their foodstuffs into their mouths with both hands, and briefly lean back to relax with extended bloated bellies. “Ready for seconds, Otto?”, asks Sarge. with Otto nodding between burps.Drawstring zipper Backpack

Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem was born April 1932 and passed away June 2014. Although primarily known as a radio personality with his popular American Top 40 franchise, he had an active career doing voice work.


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