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Εδώ συζητιέται ότι δεν συμπεριλαμβάνεται σε κάποια άλλη κατηγορία, σε χαλαρούς τόνους.
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The Triple-A Pacific Coast League may be renowned as a home run haven, but the home of the Worcester Red Sox is playing like a California launching pad this season.

“He came back and felt good and had these issues with his neck going on yesterday,” Martinez said. “I told him let’s get him checked out and see where he’s at.”Houston Astros Haircut apron

The knock on the 22-year-old Waters during his short minor league career is his high strikeout rate. He already has 26 strikeouts in 2021 and whiffed 164 times in 2019. Waters may be the most intriguing player to fill in for Ozuna during the 2021 season due to his high ceiling and youth, but a mid-season call-up may also be a risky one that could hinder his development as he has played less than 50 games at the AAA level. Tread lightly Braves fans.


And these uniforms, an extension of so many of the things Anderson's been talking about for the last several years, might just do what nightly highlights can't.Toronto Blue Jays Haircut apron


"I'd be lying if I said it didn't, but we had discussed six innings or 85 pitches, so I think if I would have a perfect game or no-hitter still going, I would have wanted to stay out there," deGrom said. "I guess when I gave up the hit it made the decision a little easier."Atlanta Braves Haircut apron

Dealing with inflammation in his right elbow, Syndergaard tweeted Friday that he's "A-OK," adding "See you soon."Detroit Tigers Haircut apron

Starter David Price couldn’t have set a better tone, retiring all eight batters he faced, five by strikeout, and notching the 2,000th whiff of his career when he blew a 95-mph fastball by Curt Casali in the third.
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