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Εδώ συζητιέται ότι δεν συμπεριλαμβάνεται σε κάποια άλλη κατηγορία, σε χαλαρούς τόνους.
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"Mechanically, I was a little off in the first," Stroman said. "You know, I got to be better, I've got to be better in the first. I think if I come out there and put up a zero, I think that gives our offense a little bit more momentum. Just to kind of put us at a deficit from early on, you never want to do that, so that ones on me tonight."Los Angeles Angels
Love MLB Sweater

A day after reaching 103.4 mph during his 15th save -- his fastest pitch on a strikeout since the 2017 AL wild-card game -- Chapman walked Jed Lowrie and Chad Pinder on nine pitches, topping out at 98 mph.

The Nationals eclipsed the 60-game mark last weekend, officially making their 2021 season longer than the pandemic-shortened campaign they played a year ago.Pittsburgh Pirates

DeGrom appeared to ask May after the top of the second if he'd need to be inspected again, but May waved him on that time. He was inspected again after the fifth, prompting more boos from the fans while their hometown pitcher was cleared again.St. Louis Cardinals

On Wednesday, shoulder soreness forced deGrom out after three innings of perfect pitching against the Cubs.

Guerrero, Jr. isn’t necessarily a boisterous person, so it makes sense he’d just head back to the dugout without voicing his displeasure. Yet…come on.


Having that ball snatched away at the last second. Trust 10-year-old me, who speaks from experience.Texas Rangers