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Σχολιάζουμε ενδιαφέρουσες καταχωρήσεις και απόψεις από ιστολόγια και ιστοχώρους. Δεν παραλείπουμε να αναφέρουμε την πηγή!
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Trill Williams had 4 INTs & 4 FFs in career. Tall, Long, Exceptional athlete. Nickel/SS role. Similar type of player to FSU’s Hamsah Nasirlideen @BruceFeldmanCFB Freaklist for 4.34 40 and 40” vertical! Angeles Chargers

In case anyone needed reminding about defense and the impact it continues to have in the NFL despite all the gaudy offensive numbers these days, you may want to take a look at Super Bowl LV if it remains on your DVR.Indianapolis Colts


Odell Beckham Jr. is working overtime in his rehab from ACL surgery and the Cleveland Browns are excited about his progress. Las Vegas Raiders

"I've said it a few times that you know he deserves that space," Keim said. "At some point in time, I'm sure we'll talk to him here in the near future."

Much like the Combine, COVID-19 forced the cancellation of several college football All-Star games, robbing some lesser-known prospects of valuable on-field time with NFL coaches and one last game film against premier competition, that players from some smaller programs might not have had during their collegiate careers.


If it was thrown hard, it probably wouldn’t have been caught. So, me having to put a little air under it — not by design, but because of Too Tall — helped him being able to hang onto that thing. But he did get up, and he made a great catch, and that got us where we were. It got us moving to that first Super Bowl.

Although, Harris on a rookie deal is potentially cheaper than adding someone in free agency. He is also probably better. He could elevate this offense right away with whoever is under center at his size with his skill set as a runner and pass-catcher.Kansas City Chiefs
Custom NFL Mugs Near Me