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Δήλωσε συμμετοχή και βοήθησε στη λειτουργία των Πράσινων
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logodrawstringbag.com, Colorado Avalanche, NHL Drawstring Bag Custom Logo

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Bettman said the salary cap will remain flat until the money placed in escrow, a condition in the six-year CBA agreed upon last year as part of the "return to play" plan, is paid off. The increase in money might shorten the timeframe of the cap remaining stagnant, though.Edmonton Oilers

Only Chicago is left playing in an empty arena among the 24 teams in the U.S., along with all seven in Canada.

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“The natural state of mind as a player is you’re never really satisfied until you get to the ultimate goal,” Matheson said. “As much as it’s not a normal thing for me to come to the last week or two into the season having clinched a playoff spot, that’s a great feeling … but we’re chasing a much bigger goal than just making the playoffs.”

Zucker said there haven’t been any decisions about studio talent or announcers. Charles Barkley is a big hockey fan, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he made an occasional appearance.

Andy Saucier, the Penguins' insightful video coach, likes to follow the Game Pulse as he's watching a future opponent in a scouting session.Minnesota Wild


Points: 56 Regulation wins: 19 Playoff position: C4 Games left: 5 Next game: vs. DAL (May 1) Playoff chances: 59% Tragic number: N/ANew York Islanders


Sean Leahy, NHL writer: I’m pretty fascinated by the North and the potential for the Canucks to give us the story of the season. They’ve won three of five following their extended COVID-19 break and face 14 games in 22 days. Vancouver is now 10 points behind Montreal with five games in-hand, plus there’s also Calgary to deal with. The Flames are six points behind the fourth-place Habs and have played one game more than Montreal.Colorado Avalanche