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Δήλωσε συμμετοχή και βοήθησε στη λειτουργία των Πράσινων
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This version of Wood is slightly different than past ones. He has altered his changeup grip and said he's also standing more upright as he throws his slider in an effort to get more depth on the pitch. The early results were good, as Wood threw just fastballs and sliders in getting through his opening inning of the spring. The Giants are hoping to see a lot more of that from a veteran who now gets to work with one of the game's best pitch-callers instead of trying to get him out. Los Angeles Dodgers face coverings


In 1997, Maddon remembered using Suplizio’s drills with Angels utility player Tony Phillips before every game. During the season, Maddon didn’t think much of it. But that winter, Maddon got a call while he was hanging Christmas lights. It was from Phillips, thanking him for the help.Milwaukee Brewers face coverings

Getting all four players on the club will require some maneuvering of the 40-man roster, which is full. Texas Rangers face coverings

Kapler will mix up the heart of the lineup depending on the matchups, and he also figures to have Buster Posey and Brandon Belt -- both of whom have a great feel for the strike zone -- right near the top. That should leave plenty of RBI opportunities for guys like Alex Dickerson, who played with La Stella in the Arizona Fall League in 2013 and said he has always been this way. 

Liam Hendriks’ first pitch of B game. Cover your ears.

Major League Baseball Face Mask

If the Mets had been assured of a designated hitter in the National League this year, their approach might have been different. But with no DH, the team feared that signing Bradley would upgrade their defense but hurt their offense in costing either Brandon Nimmo or Dominic Smith at-bats.

On his first at-bat of the spring, Harper destroyed a fastball from Chad Kuhl into the left-center field bleachers. That’s what happens when you leave a fastball up to one of the best power hitters in the game, my friends.Cincinnati Reds face coverings