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Δήλωσε συμμετοχή και βοήθησε στη λειτουργία των Πράσινων
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"One of the reasons we're gonna do it. ... is his ability to get on base," Rojas said. "Also when lefties start, we're thinking of getting Brandon back in there as leadoff so he can see more lefties."Atlanta Braves MLB Design Face Coverings


As he went through Giants big league camp for the first time last spring, Sean Hjelle kept a close eye on flights from Phoenix back to Richmond, Virginia, constantly bookmarking the best options. But Hjelle wasn't preparing for a likely trip to Double-A to start the year. 

Gonzalez: I'm gonna cheat a little and say Gavin Lux, who no longer has prospect status but has yet to break through on a loaded Dodgers team. This is his chance. Second base is right there for the taking with Enrique Hernandez gone and Chris Taylor expected to bounce around. The Dodgers don't just like him -- they view him as a future star. And he'll be just 23 years old all season. Lux struggled to hone in on the mechanics of his swing early last year and the Dodgers, on their way to a historically dominant season, didn't want to wait around. People with the team say he looks really good heading into spring training. His 2021 performance could impact what the team does long term at shortstop, where Corey Seager is a free agent at season's end.Boston Red Sox MLB Design Face Coverings


How much in-game video helps depends on the hitter. For some, it's a major part of routine. Other players don't find it as helpful.Baltimore Orioles MLB Design Face Coverings

The 32-year-old right-hander also spoke about improving his “induced vertical break,” an analytical metric that he said was “way below” his career average last season.
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Nick Madrigal out to show what he can really do in 2021 originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Jiménez was the other party, or more aptly a bystander, to the most memorable instance, when Robert came all the way over to left and camped under a fly ball, making the catch. Completely straight-faced, Jiménez jokingly stared daggers at Robert, who started chuckling. The internet had a field day, of course, turning the moment into a Twitter meme.Cincinnati Reds MLB Design Face Coverings

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