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Δήλωσε συμμετοχή και βοήθησε στη λειτουργία των Πράσινων
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Fields has always been Lawrence’s counterpoint -- a fellow all-time recruit from the 2018 class, with ESPN ranking Fields as the No. 4 overall recruit of the modern era -- and so it’s fitting that they enter the NFL together.

Now, Compton is doing his part, as he tweeted out a Photoshopped picture of Watt donning a Titans hoodie and with angel wings behind him.Indianapolis Colts


It’s a thought that not long ago felt absurd to utter. Yet in the wake of offseason reports of tension, now there’s an extensive report from The Athletic that suggests such a chasm might exist between the team and the star quarterback — and few seem to know how that tension will be eased.

The Packers did lose offensive quality control coach Kevin Koger, defensive quality control coach Christian Parker and senior analyst Butch Barry, who left Green Bay for other coaching opportunities this offseason.Tampa Bay Buccaneers


But, agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN that Wilson has provided the Seahawks with a list of four teams for which he'd be willing to waive his no-trade clause should Seattle decide it wants to part ways with the seven-time Pro Bowl selection.

K.J. Wright has played with the Seattle Seahawks for a decade, and is quite familiar with the intense rivalry the team shares with the 49ers. Nevertheless, when a Seahawks fan said the city would always love him if he went anywhere except the 49ers, Wright questioned why that would be an issue.Pittsburgh Steelers
Custom NFL Mugs

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Wilson’s thinking is “big picture,” where he would like to be in an NFL managerial position or even ownership position in the future. And helping turn around Chicago’s storied franchise, which has been struggling for decades, would be perfect for his resume.Las Vegas Raiders

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