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Yermín Mercedes isn't there quite yet. But the long-awaited and white-hot start to his career has made him an instant fan favorite. And it continued Monday night in Minnesota, when he launched a ninth-inning home run — off a position player.Washington Nationals Laptop Case


For the uninitiated, this all started Monday night, when Yermín Mercedes, a fun-loving fan favorite, swung away on a 3-0 pitch from a position player with the White Sox up big. He homered, growing the White Sox already hefty lead.

MLB Laptop Case Anime

That passion has a tendency to get him in trouble, however. He recently was ejected from a game for arguing a third-strike call. A scenario he’s been dealing with since he was 11-years-old as he told NBC Sports California recently.Pittsburgh Pirates Laptop Case

The Boston Red Sox have been one of the most reliable teams for MLB bettors this season, especially as an underdog.San Diego Padres Laptop Case

No, this isn’t deja vu. The Atlanta Braves bullpen blows leads night after night. Against the Mets on Wednesday, Atlanta’s ‘pen stole defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

Muncy looked overmatched in his first at-bat Friday night, taking two called strikes and a ball before whiffing on a 99-mph fastball from Miami right-hander Sandy Alcantara. In his next at-bat, he crushed a 96-mph fastball for his eighth homer of the season and the team’s seventh hit of the inning.

Drew's recalibration started with the simplest of things: a routine. Every morning, he wakes up and drinks an oversized bottle of water and a green smoothie. Then he meditates and journals. He turns on "Friends," makes breakfast and eats. He plays with his goldendoodle, Ellie. Then he goes to the field and starts to work.Philadelphia Phillies Laptop Case